Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peanutbutter & Jelly, Fake Tans & Politics

I'd say it's a fairly typical year in modern politics:

- For reasons beyond any of us, or our president, we're involved in a new foreign war in some awful desert.

- A creepy old politician has been involved in lewd behavior (but with the name of Weiner, it should be noted that this is special).

- The government has decided that the best way to fix problems, both economic and otherwise, is more government.

- There's a far-right, gun-advocating woman with country charm running for the republican presidential ticket.

- This blog continues to be a standard-bearer of truth and reason.

We have something unique though—there are two Mormons running for President. I just wanted to throw in my two cents for Mr. Huntsman (I think his campaign should be like those ads for pork in the day, "Huntsman. The other white mormon."). I think we should all give him a chance. Check out the WP mini-bio about him

Just don't let the Jersey Shore-esque tan throw you off.

Anyways, here's to hoping that poor man can survive being complimented by the sitting President of the United States and the Senate Majority Leader and make it to the Oval Office (or "The Ov," as Barack likes to call it).

And I realize that I will look quite silly posting this if somebody discovers he's been taking shirtless muscle pictures of himself and sending them to his twitter followers...

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